Saturday, December 07, 2013


A circus owner adopts a young gorilla named Ivan as his house pet.  The owner dresses him, takes him shopping, and talks to him like one would talk to any member of the family.  Ivan grows up to be mellow, taking life as it comes.  Unfortunately, when Ivan becomes a large adolescent gorilla, he must move from his warm and cozy home into a cold and isolated glass cage at the circus.  Over the years, he gets to know other circus animals and finds comfort in their company.  All the animals, however, agree that there must be a better life outside of the circus.  When one of the main attraction animals falls fatally ill, Ivan masterfully thinks of a way to protect the animals, especially, the youngest one. 

Katherine Applegate, author of Home of the Brave, Animorphs, and Roscoe Riley series, writes a poignant and endearing tale about a gorilla whose heart matches its size.  Inspired by the real Ivan, this story is narrated in first person and will speak to any reader who values friendship, questions purpose, or loves animalsTHE ONE AND ONLY IVAN is the 2013 Newbery Award Winner.  Available in book and audio CD format.

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