Wednesday, December 04, 2013


Gaby and her mother love animals.  They always took care of the stray and abandoned cats in the neighborhood until Gaby's mother was deported to Honduras.  Now, Gaby's father won't allow her to feed or care for any animals.  He says they can barely afford to feed themselves, let alone a cat.  Their neighbors, the Gomez family, offered to take Gaby in after her mother left, but her father insisted on coming back into her life to "take care" of her.  His version of taking care of her leaves her with an empty stomach and a lonely house.

Things seem to look up, however, when Gaby's class volunteers at the local animal shelter where she writes adoption ads in the hopes of finding families for the animals.  What she doesn't expect, though, is that while waiting for her mother to come home and finding homes for the animals, she finds hope and belonging for herself.

Join Gaby on her journey towards acceptance and a loving family in Gaby, Lost and Found by Angela Cervantes, for grades 5-7.

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