Wednesday, August 15, 2012


A hilarious story that kept me laughing from the beginning.  It all begins when Joe and his daddy went to run some errands on a Saturday morning.  When about to leave home, Joe notices that his daddy had not close the fly of his pants and his heart-patterned boxer was showing!  Wherever they stop, Joe tries to alert him to his open fly, but he can't get his attention.  As they pull into a hardware store parking lot, they bump into Joe’s teacher.  Joe tries in vain to avoid having his father be embarrassed, but his father keeps insisting  that they go greet the teacher.  Finally, the problem is resolved when Joe comes up with a great idea that his daddy cannot ignore.  

 Zip It!  is written by Jane Lindaman and illustrated by Nancy Carlson has very funny illustrations. For ages 5-10.

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