Friday, August 10, 2012


Señorita Gordita, a little corn cake created by Arana the spider, escapes from the frying pan and so he chase begins! The yummy appetizing Gordita meets all the dessert creatures but she keeps running away from them fearing that they will try to eat her. The spider, lizard, rattlesnake, scorpio, javalina, coyote all lick their lips thinking about the delicious lunch they would have eating if only they could munch on the chubby Gordita. Then she meets a clever owl….

The story is and adaptation of the Gingerbread Man. A glossary of Spanish words and a recipe for gorditas is in the back of the book. Senorita Gordita has beautiful and colorful illustrations by Will Terry and is written by Helen Ketteman. For ages 4-7.

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