Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Chomp by Carl Hiaasen takes you on a trip through the Everglades of Florida where alligators, snakes and all sorts of wildlife are not just a great attraction but a matter of life and death.  Wahoo and his dad have been hired to provide animals (tame ones) as props for a reality show, Expedition Survival, but what they really have to do is make sure the show's star, Derek Badger, makes it through each scene without any mishap, mostly brought on by his own stupidity.  

Wahoo's classmate, Tuna, thinks Derek Badger is the most amazing adventurer, eating all kinds of stuff in order to survive as shown on his TV shows, but she comes to realize that's he's nothing but a fake.  If this wasn't all, she, Wahoo and his dad are trying to keep her away from her abusive, crazy and drunken father who is determined to bring her back home.  

This is one wild ride of a book with lots of adventure, and humor to boot.  For readers in grades 6th and older.   

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