Friday, August 17, 2012


From Children’s Librarian, Kristine Markosyan at the Adams Square & Pacific Park Branch Libraries

I Don’t Want to Be a Pea! by Ann Bonweill, with illustrations by Simon Rickerty, is a wonderful story about friendship and the importance of compromise.

After being invited to a Dress-up Party, Hugo the Hippo and Bella the Bird have a difficult time agreeing on their costumes. While Hugo suggests they dress up as the theme of the Princess and the Pea—Hugo being the princess and Bella as the pea—Bella does not “want to be a pea.” She would rather have a Cinderella costume theme. Bella would be the princess and Hugo would be the pumpkin. Hugo does not want to be a pumpkin. He would rather be something else. When one friend makes a suggestion, the other opposes and makes their own suggestions. They cannot seem to agree on their costumes, but with the party that evening, will they finally come to a compromise? Or will this be the end of their friendship?

Readers are able to distinguish between the two characters because the dialogue is written in two different fonts. The illustrator does a fantastic job at bringing the characters to life. This would be a wonderful read-aloud for ages two and up.

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