Monday, August 27, 2012


From Mr. B, Children's Librarian at the Grandview Branch of GPL:

SILENT STAR: The Story of Deaf Major Leaguer William Hoy by Bill Wise / Pictures by Adam Gustavson

Born in 1862, William Hoy lost his hearing to meningitis when he was three; but not his determination, agility, or creativity. He fell in love with and mastered baseball. His fielding skills were superb, and with the help of hand signals from his third base coaches, he was able to keep his eye on the pitcher instead of turning around to see the umpire’s calls. While not yet in the Baseball Hall of Fame, Centerfielder Hoy, who retired in 1903 after 14 years in the majors, still ranks in the top 25 in career stolen bases, assists by an outfielder, and double plays by an outfielder.

Silent Star brings Hoy’s story to vibrant life in words and pictures without being maudlin or preachy. It is first and foremost a well-written picture-book sports biography of a stunning but now unrecognized athlete aimed at upper graders, but suitable for baseball fans of all ages (i.e. think adult holiday or birthday gift for the baseball fan in your life).

For all ages.

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