Friday, April 06, 2012


From Children’s Librarian, Kristine Markosyan at the Adams Square & Pacific Park Branch Libraries:

8 Class Pets + 1 Squirrel / Dog= Chaos by Vivian Vande Velde is a funny story about a squirrel named Twitch who gets himself in all kinds of trouble when he tries to run away from an owl and then during his escape lands on a dog that chases him all the way into the school.  Twitch ends up being locked inside a school with an angry dog that is determined to find him.  As Twitch tries to find a place to hide, he meets the school pets along the way.  Will these animals help squirrel hide from the dog chasing him?  

Each chapter if from the viewpoint of different classroom pets (hamster, rabbit, rat, fish, parrot, corn snake, geckos and turtle) as well as the squirrel and dog.  Readers will meet the interesting characters that live in the school. 

This is a hilarious book that will keep readers attention until the very last page.  Great for reluctant readers!

Best for readers in grades 2 and up.

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