Saturday, April 21, 2012


If you ask me, a life without a pet is no life at all. But not all pets have the luxury of being a  part of someone's family, a warm place to stay, or a safe place to live. In the town where Billy lives, there are a lot of stray cats, and not everyone in town want them around. When Billy discovers Conga, a hurt starving kitten, he has to keep her a secret because he KNOWS his Dad would take her away. This small kitten leads Billy on a dangerous adventure, but it isn't long before he's teaching the town a thing or two about the importance of love for all creatures. CAT FOUND by Ingrid Lee is a story that will pull in animals lovers and captivate them with it's dangerous and exciting plot twists. Written for simpler reading level, but contains content that might be mature for some. For grades 3-7.

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