Thursday, April 19, 2012


A new neighborhood, a new school and a new nemesis are just a few things that Ricky V. (“Very Afraid”) has to deal with when his dad gets a new job and the family has to relocate.

Ricky has to think and come up with different ways to fight the evil bullies who are prepared to do everything and anything to make his life miserable...
Instead of turning himself to any kind of a superhero, he decides to transform himself into a Cowboy! Hence the name of the book Cowboy Boy!

Now... Imagine all the tricks and the gimmicks that can be pulled as a cowboy to fight the nemesis… This is a fun and adventurous story that will capture you attention. Additionally, the book is filled with humorous illustrations/cartoons which add a fun twist to the story. COWBOY BOY is written by JAMES PROIMOS.

For grades 3rd-6th.

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