Monday, April 02, 2012


In a village in Cameroon, a teacher tells his class about America his home country. There is something going on called the Great Depression. There are not enough jobs, people are homeless, starving and begging on the streets. When little Kedi learns about it, she can’t get the problem out of her head. The news that children were starving, deeply affects Kedi. Knowing what it means to go hungry, she is determined to help the hungry children overseas. Her village has little money and everyone must work for food and shelter, yet, little Kedi wants to share what she has with the people she has heard about in school. She calls all the people of her village and persuade them to do the same. Based on a true story in 1931 when the city of New York received a gift of $3.77 from the African country of Cameroon to help feed the hungry. Nice story that shows generosity and compassion. Bright and beautiful illustrations. Ages 6-7.Written by Mara Rockliff, illustrated by Ann Tanksley.

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