Thursday, April 26, 2012

From Vivian the Children's Librarian at the Casa Verdugo Branch Library:

Box of Shocks by Chris McMahen

Oliver has a life filled with security—he lives with his working mother and father, he has a beautiful and organized home, he takes prepared lunches to school, and he gets to go on annual trips to see his Uncle and Aunt. 

On one ordinary day, Oliver discovers a buried box and decides to fill it with items that will give his parents the shock of their lives.  Reckless and dangerous acts of behavior is involved in getting these items and Oliver is consumed with protecting it.  Unfortunately, Oliver’s Box of Shocks is left behind in his old home and he decides to go on with his reckless behavior in order to get it back.  What Oliver soon discovers is that not everyone has the same disposition as he and that the last item placed in his box is the most meaningful. For older readers.

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