Wednesday, March 07, 2012


Funny Perico is a parrot that lives a boring life in a pet store and he’s desperate to find a new home. He only speaks Spanish and when he speaks, he is always misunderstood. He waits in the pet shop and tries to interact with the owner and customers; however, no one seems to understand him. He takes “mal” for “mall and “si” for “sea” so the potential buyers keep returning him to the store. The pet man tells Perico that he’ll have to learn some phrases in English if he wants a new home, giving him “I am fine today” and “I am a pretty bird” as examples. Poor Perico stays up that night practicing the phrases. A little Latino boy and his mother visit the store and hear Perico speaking English and Spanish. Perico uses all his new phrases to impress the boy. The boy ignores the bird completely until Perico starts squawking in fluent Spanish. The boy being bilingual himself, finds Perico to be the perfect pet.

Cute book that teaches about the differences in languages. Bright illustrations. Includes Spanish glossary with pronunciation guide at the back of the book.

Ages 4 and up. Written by Trudy Harris, illustrated by Cecilia Rebora.
Juvenile fiction; animals – birds; animals – humor; parrots; pet stores; Spanish language.

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