Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Very nice collection of bilingual classic folktales told in English and Spanish gather by the author Joe Hayes from the rich tradition of Northern New Mexico. This book is full of lively characters and laugh out loud stories, such as the story of a dog whose life has been saved by a coyote, or a spotted cat who is like a guardian angel that saves a young man from the treachery of his jealous brothers, or a girl befriends a small snake she finds in a cabbage and is granted a wish in exchange, or a greedy man who learns his lesson on a day when couldn’t stop dancing. In many of the stories, animals with their wisdom teach life lessons to humans. Others, human cleverness will help to overcome the injustices presented by the environment, Tortillas coyotes, snakes and desserts are in these stories, as well as kings and princesses, magical gardens and castles.These are few of the wonderful tales you’ll find in this bilingual collection. Format of the book left page in English and right page in Spanish. Written by Joe Hayes, illustrated by Antonio Castro L. Recommended for 4th graders and up.

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