Tuesday, March 20, 2012


From Children’s Librarian, Kristine Markosyan at the Adams Square and Pacific Park Branch Libraries:

Vanished by Sheela Chari is a story about a young girl named Neela who has received a musical instrument as a gift from her grandmother.  This musical instrument, known as a veena, is an Indian instrument that has been rumored to be cursed.  When the instrument is stolen, Neela is determined to find the person who took it and find out why it was stolen it in the first place.  This mystery and adventure takes Neela and her friends all the way back to India to find the veena.  Will Neela, with the help of her friends and family find the veena and finally break the curse?

This is a great read for readers who enjoy a mystery and also interested in reading about another culture.  With so much suspense, readers will not want to put the book down in the last 100 pages.

Best for readers in grades 4 and up.

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