Monday, March 12, 2012


From Children’s Librarian, Kristine Markosyan at the Adams Square and Pacific Park Branch Libraries:

Ten Rules for Living with My Sister by Ann M. Martin is narrated by third grader, Pearl.  As the younger sibling, Pearl’s relationship is like any relationship between two sisters.  She compares her sister, Lexie’s life and experiences with her own and naturally portrays the role of the pesky younger sister.  In the beginning of the story, her sister Lexie is able to avoid Pearl by closing her bedroom door and putting a sign to keep her out or giving her the silent treatment.  When their grandfather, Daddy Bo’s health issues arise, he moves in with the family and the girls have to share a room.  How will the sisters manage sharing a room?  

This is a great read for girls ages 7-12, who are either a younger or older sibling.  The narrators experience with her family, school life and personal growth keeps young readers interested throughout the book.  

Best for readers in grades 4 and up.

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