Saturday, March 24, 2012

From Children's Librarian Mr. B at the Grandview Branch Library:

WOLF STORM by Dee Garretson

In this survival adventure, it’s all about storytelling, and Dee Garretson tells a swell story. Child actors, novice Stephan, 14; demanding starlet Raine, 13; and support Jeremy, 9, are on location at an abandoned Slovakian ski resort. They are cast as siblings returning to a desolate Earth with their pet wolves, played by domesticated wolves under the care of an animal trainer. With a blizzard approaching, all the adults but one featured actor trek to the distant town to take care of anticipated needs, leaving the children and wolves under the care of the veteran actor. The blizzard arrives early, followed by an avalanche that destroys the resort and the cell phones. The children and wolves escape the destruction, but the veteran actor is trapped in the ruins, and suffers a devastating heart attack. The remainder of this very readable tale of courage and survival shows the children grappling with snow banks, injuries, wet firewood, wild wolves, failed escape plans, and other sudden realities. Can’t wait for the movie. 

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