Friday, October 24, 2014


A review by Theresa from the Children's Room: 

It wouldn’t be Halloween without at least one spooky book on the list and The Night Gardener by Jonathan Auxier is one that is not to be missed. It has all the required ingredients for a scary story, an old crone telling innocent orphan children a warning tale; a dark and forbidding house where the appearance of the occupants is rapidly changing; sinister characters and lots of suspense. 

This story is told by two Irish orphans who after being hired as servants arrive at the aforementioned house which needs to be mentioned, has been built practically on top of a very old, very large and diseased looking tree, is actually one of the main characters in this story. Undaunted by this very dark scene Molly and her brother Kip enter the house to meet their employers, the four Windsors, and begin their spine-chilling adventure. Want to come along? Just remember, it’s only a story in a book. 

For readers in grades 5-8

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