Wednesday, October 01, 2014


While getting to know her classmates on the first day of school, Dixie discovers that many of the students in class have allergies to a variety of things- peanuts, wheat, or eggs.  When Dixie hears of the special things that are offered to her classmates because of their allergies, she wishes that she was allergic to something too.  She eagerly seeks things that might cause her to have an allergic reaction, but nothing seems to work!  When she finally comes across something that does cause a reaction, she quickly becomes ill and regrets that she wished for an allergy to begin with.

Tori Corn wonderfully addresses the subject of children's allergies in this story.  Although some children are treated differently due to their allergies, others can quickly learn that it is for a very good reason- not just for special attention.  A fun book for adults and children to share together.  

For PreK-2nd grade.

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