Friday, October 03, 2014


Noah and Macallan have been friends since junior high, after Macallan takes pity on the new boy and invites him to sit with her during lunch. The two discover that they share a favorite TV show, and a new friendship is formed. But when they start high school, things get more complicated. First, things get tricky when Levi starts dating Macallan's other best friend. Then, Levi starts spending more time with the guys and having less and less time for Macallan. And through it all, they have to deal with everyone's automatic (and awkward) assumption that they are dating. Will the two manage to stay friends through the ups and downs of high school, and will they be able to prove that boys and girls can be just friends?

Elizabeth Eulberg's novel perfectly captures the transition from middle school to high school and the friendships that inevitably are made stronger or perish in the aftermath. It is a story of friendship and romance, told in alternating chapters from the points of view of Noah and Macallan that is at times heartbreaking and heartwarming, and definitely a page-turner.

For grades 7 and up.

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