Wednesday, October 08, 2014


A review by Theresa from the Children's Room: 

Based upon a real incident in the 1920’s when American children raised the funds to send dolls* to Japan to promote friendship, understanding and peace, Shirley Parenteau’s SHIP OF DOLLS gives the reader a chance to experience a slice of life from that period in time as they follow eleven-year-old Lexie through a challenging period in her life.

Sent to live with her grandparent’s in Portland, Oregon following the death of her father, Lexie is having a very difficult time settling in to a more strictly run household and life style than the one she shared with her free-spirited mother. Making friends at school is also difficult for the shy girl and the school “mean girl,” Louise, is not making it any easier. When Lexie finds out that the author of the best letter to be sent with the school’s doll for Japan gets to accompany the doll to the big send-off, she sees a way to get back to San Francisco and to rejoin her mother. Things don’t go quite as smoothly as one would hope and it takes more than a letter to get her where she wants to be.

Follow along with her journey and discover her story in this work of historical fiction for readers in grades 5-7. 

*The Museum of Natural History in Los Angeles has one of these dolls on display.

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