Monday, October 28, 2013


When Kasienka and her mother move to England from Poland in search of her father who abandoned them, she loses more than just her home. She begins to lose her identity. At school, they call her Cassie, and she begins to break apart into pieces. There is the Cassie who, even though she is 12 going on 13, they put into sixth grade. There is the Cassie who is being bullied and tries her hardest not to fight back. And then there is Kasienka. The Kasienka who helps her mother look for her father despite the cold and terrible conditions. The Kasienka who's only relief from life is swimming laps like an olympian.  And the Kasienka who is in love.

Follow Kasienka's journey as she immigrates to a new country and navigates her changing world in The Weight of Water by Sarah Crossan. This novel told in verse is suitable for Grades six and up.

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