Wednesday, October 09, 2013


The ninety-one letters Derek keeps in his dad's Knight Rider lunchbox are the only way he can communicate with his dad. Since Derek was five, his dad has spent most of his time flying Apache Helicopters for the Army.  Last year, Derek and his mom thought his dad was home for good, but the Army called him back and now he is in Afghanistan.  His dad's letters help him through all the problems life throws at him.   Like being bullied by the kid he thought was his best friend. Or showing up at the school bus stop in the pouring rain on a Saturday.  Or forgetting his mom's birthday.  Or just plain missing his dad.  

Join Derek in this funny and touching account of how military service affects children and families in David Fleming's novel, The Saturday Boy.  This book is appropriate for children in Grades 5 and above.

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