Monday, October 14, 2013


A review by Mr. B. from the Grandview branch: 

On the first day of 3rd Grade, new boy in town Sidney has his hands full dealing with a school bully and a Third Grade Mix-Up caused by a blonde girl in his class named Sydney. Both Sidney and Sydney are upset when their mothers meet and become best friends, forcing the third graders to spend more time together. That’s when they learn they both like the same breakfast cereal and they both like the same computer game. They become not best friends, because boys and girls don’t do that, but good friends. Sidney’s best friend is a boy named Gomez and Sydney’s best friend is a girl named Harley. As Sidney and Sydney alternate chapters, we learn the good the bad and the confusing about third grade and friendships. 

The four friendships are put to a grand test when the book ends at Halloween as costumes are destroyed; the importance of candy is debated; diabetes is explained; and compromise is the key to a creative solution. Michele Jakubowski has written a funny, easy to read friendship story that is sure to become a successful series.

Reading Level 3-4

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