Monday, October 21, 2013

Books About Bullying- BEN RIDES ON by MATT DAVIES

Ben Lukin gets the bike of his dreams and truly enjoys riding it to school. Unfortunately, a third grade bully at the school uses physical force to take Ben's shiny two-wheeler, leaving Ben in shock.  Ben doesn't report the bullying, nor do the other student witnesses.  While Ben is in class he tries to think of ways to seek revenge.  On the way home, he finds his bike hanging from a tree, and discovers that the bully is in a sticky and life- threatening situation.  Will Ben's wish for ill-will toward the bully come true or will Ben use good judgement and help a person in need?

BEN RIDES ON by Pulitzer Prize- winning cartoonist Matt Davies will sure to delight readers, not only with his line pencil drawings, but with his lead character's courage, integrity, and level headedness.  Davies' book is a lesson for the bullied and for the bully.  

For 2nd grade and up, and for adults and children to read and discuss together.

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