Monday, August 19, 2013


Let's face it, Winston has become a puzzle addict.  He's getting in trouble and missing out on special things with his friends because all he can think about is puzzles.  Maybe it's time to give it up.  But can he?  He gets an opportunity to go away for a puzzle filled weekend at a mansion.  Will this be his last hoorah?    

While puzzling away, there's another mystery afoot.  A coveted prize goes missing and everyone is pointing fingers at the obvious suspect, but Winston and his friends think it's someone else.  Everyone is acting suspicious and more than one person has a motive.  

Come join Winston, his friends and a house full of famous guests for a weekend of puzzles and mystery in Winston Breen and the Puzzler's Mansion by Eric Berlin, the third book in the Winston Breen series.  For readers in 6th -8th grade. 

 - SPOILER ALERT - someone will die.  


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