Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Fans of Zapato Powers and other empowering boy stories will really enjoy this new series Captain Awesome by Stan Kirby.  

Eugene is the new boy at school and already freaking out.  His nemesis, The Queen of Stinkypants a.k.a. his little baby sister, in diapers, has followed him to his new location and at school he has to wade and evade all kinds of foes.  Since he is the new kid in class, the teacher puts him in charge of Turbo, the class hamster.  But awful Melanie says it's her turn and suddenly, Turbo is kidnapped.   

Only Captain Awesome can find Turbo, so off Eugene goes to the bathroom to change into his costume and assume the identity of CAPTAIN AWESOME!

Captain Awesome to the Rescue! is a short beginning chapter book with lots of great drawings for readers in 2nd-4th grades.  

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