Wednesday, August 14, 2013


While some sixth graders these days don’t even get to go on one field  trip, Catalina (“Cat”), James (“Gum”), Edward (“Egg”), and Samantha (“Sam”) go on many field  trips with their sixth grade class.  To date, they have gone on at least 16 field trips (in 16 books) to such places as Yellowstone Park, New York City, San Francisco, and Mt. Rushmore.  On each of these trips, something mysterious has happened, that these four detective friends have solved.  They have found stolen payroll cash, caught a purse snatcher, unmasked a phony Native American spirit/ghost, even solved a kidnapping. 

These exciting and often dangerous adventures are written as reports from the various friends and published by Capstone Press as Field Trip Mysteries.  Author Steve Brezenoff cleverly writes these books in four different voices.  Each 80 page mystery manages to include real information about its locale or subject and there is a glossary at the end.  Such titles as The Village That Almost Vanished, The Crook Who Crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, The Burglar Who Bit the Big Apple, and The Symphony That Was Silent, can be read in any order with equal enjoyment.

RL: 3-4

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