Monday, August 26, 2013


13 year old Henry never wanted to start writing in a journal. But then again, he never wanted any of the things that have happened to him in the past year. In fact, everything would have been fine if his brother Jesse had never…

But, Henry doesn't want to talk about that. He wants to start over at a new school, in a new town where no one has ever heard of his family. He wants to have a normal life- watching his favorite wrestlers on “Saturday Night Smash Up” and not getting noticed by the bullies who roam the halls of his new school. And he definitely doesn't want to join “Reach For The Top” – the nerdy trivia team at his new school. But, life for Henry is far from normal. Especially after “IT” happened.

The Reluctant Journal of Henry K. Larsen by Susin Nielsen is a powerfully moving story of  a young teen trying to make sense of tragedy and rebuild the walls that are crumbling around him. This is an important story. It touches on the devastating consequences of bullying and how much it can mean to stand up for someone else.

Grades 6 and up

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