Monday, March 18, 2013


Once Upon a Toad by Heather Vogel Frederick, author of Mother-Daughter Book Club series is a funny, twisted, and updated version of the classic fairytale, Diamonds and Toads.  When Cat's mother is suddenly tapped to go into space, Cat gets sent to live  with her father and stepmom.  Worse, she's sharing a room with Olivia, her stepsister, the bane of her existence.   When her fairy godmother tries to help make things better, things turned out worse.  Worse than having a horrible stepsister is having toads come out of your mouth each and every single time you speak.  Then that same stepsister spouts jewels when she speaks instead is just beyond acceptable.  

This is a great read for those who want  a more grown-up version of the beloved fairytale.   For readers in 6th-8th.  

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