Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Conner, a nobleman of the court, adopts four orphan boys on his quest to find the one who will take on the role of Carthya’s long lost prince.  With the death of the King, the county is divided and civil war is imminent.  Conner has little time to train these boys and ultimately select the one who will take the identity of the prince. But in order for his plan to succeed, the boy Conner selects has to convince the county the twenty regions that he is their resurrected prince.
The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen, is book one of the thrilling Ascendance Trilogy.  This book is a page turner; I would recommend it for students who enjoy suspense and survival.  Following the story with Sage, one of the orphan boys and narrator, readers get to experience what it was like for the boys to compete for their lives.  Readers will also enjoy the unexpected turns this story takes. 
For readers in grades 4-8.

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