Wednesday, March 06, 2013


Georges (the S is silent) just moved into an apartment from a beautiful house that his father designed because his dad lost his job.  His mom, who is a nurse, is always at the hospital and Georges hasn't seen her in weeks.  At school, Georges is getting bullied and is having a hard time making and keeping friends in 7th grade when his best friend suddenly abandons him for the cool kids.

One day, Georges and his dad see a notice for a "Spy Club" meeting in the basement of their apartment building and Georges' dad makes him go check it out.  Hanging out in the basement is super creepy and when he opens the door all he sees is a little girl sitting cross-legged on the table.  He discovers her name is Candy and she's scouting the location for her brother, Safer.  The two boys don't fall into an instant friendship - Georges needs someone to hang out with and Safer doesn't seem to give him much choice.  Safer teaches Georges the ins and outs of becoming a spy which include surveillance tactics and being more observant.  Much of the time, though, it feels like Safer is lying, or at least with holding the truth from Georges, which Georges definitely doesn't like. The spying becomes all too real with Safer convinces Georges that their neighbor, Mr. X is up to something very secretive - but what they really discover is that Mr. X isn't the only one with secrets.

Join Georges and Safer's Spy Club in Rebecca Stead's novel for Grades 6-8, Liar and Spy.

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