Monday, March 04, 2013


When Fisher was born, he wasn't an infant.  And he didn't come out of his mother's womb.  Nobody held him and hugged him, or welcomed him into the world.  He was alone.  And a teenager.  And he was born in a survival pod.  Fisher is  the last human on Earth in a distant future from ours.  His ancestors tried to preserve as many species of animal and plant as the Earth deteriorated due to climate change and other man-made issues.  For Fisher, his main objective is to survive.  Along his journey he meets a custodial robot and a pygmy mammoth and together they figure out what it means to survive and what it means to be the last human on Earth.

Join Fisher in this post-apocalyptic tale of survival.  The Boy at the End of the World by Greg van Eekhout is perfect for lovers of science fiction and adventure in grades 5 and 6.

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