Friday, October 05, 2012


Zoozical by Judy Sierra pictures by Marc Brown.

It's winter time and families are staying in their homes and the usual field trips are no longer taking place at the local zoo.  The animals are getting rusty and restless, no one to entertain and no one to take pictures with…”Owls did not give a hoot, pandas quit being cute.”  And so begins the ever fun production of an animal show at the zoo, put together by none other than the animals themselves, hence zoozical…

The illustrations are deep in colors with vibrant and colorful characters that dance, sing and entertain one another until summer arrives.  One of the things that you will learn from this beautifully crafted book is that a person should never feel bored, because no matter what, we can always find ways to entertain us, we just need to look  around us for a little bit of inspiration… Pre-k to 1st grades. 

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