Monday, October 15, 2012


When Eleanor finds out her babysitter Bibi has to leave to care for her father, she is devastated.  Bibi has been there her whole life and she cannot image her life without Bibi.  Once Bibi is gone, Eleanor does not want to do anything because everything reminds her of Bibi and that makes her feel very sad.  Eleanor has to overcome the challenges of change.  Not only does she have to prepare herself for a new school year but also her new babysitter, Natalie.  

Like Pickle Juice On a Cookie by Julie Sternberg , narrated by Eleanor and written short chapters of free verse, with simple illustrations.  Eleanor demonstrates all the steps a child goes through in processing change.  From accepting, that Bibi has gone to trying to move forward with her new babysitter Natalie, Eleanor still manages to stay connected with Bibi through writing letters.

This is a great story for children experiencing change.  For grades 2nd through 4th

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