Friday, October 19, 2012


A book review by Mr. B. from the Grandview Branch: 

Because ghost stories often involve storms, blood, creaky houses with new residents, dreams, and dysfunctional families, it’s really all in the telling. E. E. Richardson tells it intensely and well in The Intruders. The recently cobbled together Wilder family moves into a deserted two-story fixer-upper in the country. Adolescing Cassie and her slightly younger brother Joel resent new step-brothers Tim (a little younger than Joel) and adolescing Damon (a year older than Cassie). Each of the younger step-brothers has the same recurring bloody nightmares, and hears the same whispered prayer, “If I should die before I wake,” which lead to the expected discovery of the ghosts, a long-ago bloody crime, and the unexpected bonding of the children. 

Older readers may catch on to the horrors hiding in the house before younger readers, but all will be caught up in the gory details as the children confront the ghosts in a séance that nearly destroys the house before releasing the  trapped spirits. Beware the Richardson touch: you’ll be checking under the bed for ghosts even if you read this one in the mid-day Sun.

for readers in  grades 6-10 and age 11-16.

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