Monday, October 29, 2012


When Ms. Lopez announced to her class that they were going to hatch eggs as a science project, Daniel was very excited.  Not only were they going to know how to hatch eggs but after the project, a raffle was going to be drawn and the lucky students, with two dollars and a parent permission note would be able to take one home.  Their city allowed them to keep hens but NO ROOSTERS.  At the end of the project, the students who had enthusiastically signed up for a chick, for one reason or another were no longer available to care for a chick, except for Daniel.  Who instead of one chick, ended up adopting all the others.  Five total!  When Daniel took the chicks home and his siblings each named one, Primrose, Twinkie, T-Rex, Daffodil and Peeper.  They all worked as a family to take care of the chicks and keep them away from trouble.  When Daniel finds out his chicken, Peeper is actually a rooster; he and his siblings create a secret chicken society to help protect Peeper from people finding out that he is a rooster and not a hen.  How will the secret society try to keep such a secret from their parents and neighbors?

The Secret Chicken Society by Judy Cox is a cute modern story of a family trying to live an urban farm lifestyle.  Not only does Daniel's family raise chickens for eggs but they also plant their own fruits, vegetables and flowers.  This is a great story for grades 1-3.

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