Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Everybody needs a wizard in their life. Kit and Nita are just two new wizards in a big big world, and spend practically every waking moment together, practicing their craft. That is, until Nita's parents decide she needs a break from wizardry and ship her off to Ireland! No wizards there, right? WRONG! Turns out Nita's Aunt Annie is herself entrenched in the wizardly ways of Ireland, and it isn't long before Nita is embroiled in a great wizard's adventure. A WIZARD ABROAD by author Diane Duane is just one installment in her fantastic Wizardry series that is bound to delight most fantasy lovers. Each one has a little hint of romance which make it very appealing to that "tween" kid who's not quite ready to give up the imaginary worlds of talking trees and magic, but are still interested in a little love... For grades 6 and up.

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