Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Your school principle will dye his hair purple and spend the entire night on the school’s roof if the students end up reading 1000 books by the end of the school year! Do you think this will be possible? But what if there are some people who do not like to read at all?

Here is the story of a boy and his friends who like to spend all their free time playing with video games. Miss Malarkey, the very patient and kind teacher, tries her best to offer just the right bait – books containing jokes, poetry, fantasy, explorers, and even scary stories. One by one, the boy’s friends fall prey to Miss Malarkey’s suggestions, but not to the one boy whose stubbornness might cause the entire class to lose the bet... MISS MALARKEY LEAVES NO READERS BEHIND by JUDY FINCHLER and KEVIN O'MALLEY.

For grades k-up.

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