Wednesday, September 28, 2011


One day Little Croc playing kid and seek with his friends finds a large pink and white purse. Little Croc opens the purse and he finds that is full of money. His friends try to persuade him to keep it but Little Croc is determined to do the right thing by bringing the lost purse to the police station. When Little Croc found the owner, she is not concerned about the money in the purse, but is relieved to find a locket with a picture of her husband inside. She rewards Little Croc for his honesty by giving him money. He then divides the money into three envelopes: Spend, Share and Save and with it he gets a treat for himself, make a charity donation, buys lemonade for all his friends and starts saving up for a cowboy hat!

Great story to teach the value of honesty. Perfect bedtime story. Bright and cheerful illustrations. Written and illustrated by Lizzie Finlay.Ages 3-7.

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