Friday, September 16, 2011


Since the death of her mother in a car accident, Serena finds herself trying to hold the family together. Her father falls into a severe depression and Serena just want to spend time with her friends and lives a normal life, but instead she has to take care of her little brother and maintain the household, cooking, cleaning, laundry, finding time for homework, does grocery shopping and all of it. Serena tries to respond to her challenges with strength and determination until they begin to overwhelm her.

Chosen for the lead in the middle school production “The Wiz” and Serena's happy because she loves to act and sing. However, things at home are getting worse. Her father spends weeks not showering or eating. He cries and sleeps all the time and she has to force him to drive her to the bank so they can buy groceries. Serena recognizes her father illness so she must find a way to get help before it’s too late. She calls the family, but her grandma has Alzheimer’s and her uncle is away on business in another country. Powerful, moving and realistic story recommended for middle school students ages 10-14. Written by Traci L. Jones.

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