Wednesday, April 20, 2011


There is absolutely nothing that is going good for Wilson. His school life is full of drama and problems. His classmates are always picking on each other and making pointless arguments and gestures to one another. Everyone bullies each other and overall it is just a bad environment to be in. One would hope that at least his home life would be better and that Wilson can at least have a little balance. However, his home situation is pretty much the same. The family’s financial situation among other issues are affecting everyone, including Wilson.
All these do change however, because Wilson finds out that he has an uncle. Not an ordinary uncle who sends the occasional postcard or the birthday card, but a pirate uncle. Now, imagine Wilson in his house with his pirate uncle who also had brought with him a talking penguin. Of course, the talking penguin could have been a parrot, but that would complicate the story right? You will have to read this adventurous and fun book to find out! UNCLE PIRATE by DOUGLAS REES.
For grades 4th and up.

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