Friday, April 29, 2011


This is the story of Sam, a library mouse who lives in a hole in the wall just behind the wall in the children's reference section of a library. Sam enjoys his home and he reads everything in the library including reference books, cookbooks, picture books , poetry and biographies.
But Sam is not the only mouse in the library. One night, while going in a stroll he meets a fellow mouse who lives on the other side of the library. Her name is Sarah. Sarah is an explorer. She loves to climb to the top of the tallest library shelves to explore all the corners of the building rather than to read. However, Sam is too afraid to climb up that high and he prefers to research subjects and pretty soon finds himself writing his own book…

This book is an excellent book to read to children at bedtime or anytime and also inspire other kids to write their own stories too. Written and illustrated by Daniel Kirk.
Ages 6-7

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