Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Dear Liza has arrived in London to make her society debut. But when her parents die in a tragic accident, she is left penniless and must find work to stay alive. Luckily, she is hired on as the hand maiden of Princess Victoria, who is one day to be queen. It is up to Liza to keep the best interests of Victoria at the forefront of the petulant princess's life, thwarting the over-protectiveness of Victoria's mother and deterring the unwanted advances of Sir John. It isn't long until Liza is being courted by her own beau, and a delightful romance is weaved into this exciting Victorian era novel. PRISONERS IN THE PALACE: HOW VICTORIA BECAME QUEEN WITH THE HELP OF HER MAID, A REPORTER, AND A SCOUNDREL (A NOVEL OF INTRIGUE AND ROMANCE) is written by Michaela MacColl and is a very enjoyable book for readers in middle school and older.

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