Monday, April 18, 2011


Cinco de Mouse 'o! is a fun adventure of a mouse that decides to help to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with his neighbors without realizing that Yellow Cat has other plans for him.A delicious aroma of beans, cheese, rice, wake up Raton. People is preparing to celebrate. There is a band playing at the bandstand, food everywhere, the children waving their flags, horsemen and dancers. All of a sudden Raton spotted a confetti-covered piƱata in the shape of a donkey hanging from a tree. Raton is about to figure out how to get candies from it. Meanwhile danger is going around. Greedy Yellow Cat is planning a party for himself and Raton is on the menu!A nice story for preschool children to learn the meaning of Cinco de Mayo celebration in the Latino culture. Ages K-2. Written by Judy Cox, illustrated by Jeffrey Ebbeler.

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