Tuesday, December 20, 2016


In the high mountains of Guatemala, Ixchel is in awe of her mother’s talent and craftsmanship.  Her mother can weave thread into the most beautiful pieces of art.  Ixchel is excited to produce her own piece of art.  Sadly, her request to weave is denied, but she turns her disappointment and sadness into ingenuity and resourcefulness.  As a result, she creates a rainbow of colors from unconventional means, and her mother quickly sees her daughter in a different light.

High praise for Linda Elovitz Marshall and her story Rainbow Weaver!  Accompanied by Elisa Chavarri’s intricate designs and a palette of beautiful colors, Rainbow Weaver offers a unique telling of making something out of nothing. In this story, unwanted trash bags littered in a community are made into bags and clutches.  The Author’s Note includes valuable insight to the lives of Mayan weavers and how their handwork helps to provide resources to their community.

A wonderful book to read in either English or Spanish.  For 6 years and up.

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