Monday, December 12, 2016


Kate Di Camillo and Chris Van Dusen have partnered up once again for a third Tale From Deckawoo DriveWhere Are You Going, Baby Lincoln? Baby Lincoln, whose real name is Lucille, strikes out on a necessary journey after an inspirational dream.   She packs her suitcase with a few necessary items and sets off to the train station to go as far as she can with the money in her pocket.  With the help of Stella, Baby Lincoln sets off for the town of Fluxom, on her own without her bossy older sister.  During the train ride she meets new people and makes her own discoveries about life, herself, family and friends.  

The creative duo has created another sweet and touching offshoot for the people connected to Deckawoo Drive  and fans of the Mercy Watson series.  

For readers in grades 1st to 3rd.  

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