Thursday, December 22, 2016


Though King Baby is certainly a benevolent ruler, he is not all magnanimous smiles and coos. On the contrary, he has many demands of his adoring parents royal subjects: "Feed me! Burp Me! Change me! Bounce me! Carry me!" for starters. And of course he wants them to bring him the thing. No, not that thing--the other thing! King Baby clearly rules all--but for just how long? 

Told in understated text and illustrated with simple but bold drawings, this marvelously droll take on the new-baby picture book from celebrated author-illustrator Kate Beaton is sure to rise above the rest and win accolades from kids and parents alike. 

King Baby will make an entertaining read-aloud as well as a solid choice to share individually with ages 3 and up. And to keep the royal treatment rolling, make sure to check out the mischievously whimsical The Princess and the Pony by the same author.  

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