Thursday, August 11, 2016


Beware of magic hats that come with warning labels.

Word-loving Mole adores labeling pretty much anything. Armed with a pencil and a plethora of sticky labels, he and his best friend, the Lumpy-Bumpy Thing, make their way through the forest assigning names and descriptors to everything they see. So when the two friends encounter a flopsy, fluffy, white bunny and a mysterious black top hat labeled “Warning! Do not touch!” cautious Mole is instantly alert. What dangers might befall them?

Together Mole and the Lumpy-Bumpy Thing unleash a magical storm of adorable, flopsy, white bunnies. One cute, cuddly, chubby bunny seems harmless enough, but what starts out as a bit of fun quickly morphs into a raucous affair with naughty bunnies everywhere.

Warning! Do Not Touch! by Tim Warnes is silly fun for ages 4 through second grade. And as an early literacy aside, naming and talking about all the things you see throughout the day with your child is a great way to introduce new vocabulary.

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