Monday, August 22, 2016


The Maypop Kidnapping is set in a small coastal Maine village filled with eccentric locals. When 13-year-old Quinnie's beloved teacher, Blythe Stilford, doesn't show up for their first day of school, Quinnie sets off to search for her.  She sees what she believes are clues showing foul play; perhaps a kidnapping because why else wouldn't she be home.  

Her mother, the town sheriff (also the town realtor, postmaster and mayor) doesn't believe her and decides to let her handle it.  Quinnie, believing that time is of the essence and outraged that the sheriff won't listen to reason, enlists the help of two friends to follow any suspicious people and viable clues through the town to figure out what happened to favorite teacher.  

  has put together a wonderful small town who dunnit with a great main character in Quinnie, who is full of righteous fervor.  

For readers in grades 6th - 8th.  

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